How to increase the iq level on apicture of human brain

How to increase the IQ level?

In this universe, no one is born with a high IQ. It depends on you that how you can utilize your mind or increase the imagination power. You must be thinking about how to increase the IQ level? Don’t worry we will get to that.

One of the world’s well-known scientists Albert Einstien is also known to have a high IQ level. This is only because of his thinking capability.

When you will search about anything in deep you can do it in full concentration. And this concentration comes from your brain.



So, let us know about the IQ Level?

What does it mean? How to increase the iq level?

IQ level stands for Intelligence Quotient. It is the total score obtained from the confirmed tests to define human intelligence. The word IQ is given by the German scientist William stern. The word IQ is taken from the German word intelligent quotient at the University of Breslau.

IQ is calculated by the ratio of a person’s mental age score to the person’s chronological age both these are having the unit in months or years. And the fraction obtained by this is multiplied by hundred to get the percentage of IQ level.

IQ= (mental age / chronological age ) multiplied by 100.

Now you can test your IQ level. Approximately 2/3 of the population scores lies between IQ 85 and IQ 115. About 2.5 per cent of the population scores above 130, and 2.5 per cent below 70 (1)

Most of the people say that IQ is genetic. Do you think is it true? Comment below.

No, of course not. some people think that they are not brilliant. But this is only their illusion. So, remove this illusion with reality.

Let’s know more about how to increase the IQ level. If you really want to increase your IQ level you need to do some small activities.

It has been proved that there is a direct connection between intelligence and success. A genius mind has its own personality. They are different from others in thinking, doing any activity in a different way or having a strong presence.

“Those people who do not walk in-crowd, are Genius”

This defines their goal orientation, will-power, prudence or/and self-confidence.

IQ determines your recognizing power or to remember whatever you have to encounter in your mind.

It helps you to do your work efficiently. By making improvements in time management, goal-setting and personality development and also positive thinking.

So don’t get confused about how to increase the IQ level?

Below, I am listing the top 5 activities to improve your IQ on a daily basis:

1. Play chess

Chess has been played for many years from the time of kings or the maharajas. At that time this game had its own importance, players were ready to lose everything to win this game.

This game is full of complexities, to win you need to develop your concentration and problem-solving skill. This game energizes both sides of your brain which gives strength to your corpus callosum. Corpus callosum connects the two hemispheres of our brain. Finally, leading to an increase in the iq level.

man playing chess to increase iq

Studies proved that by taking only 14 weeks of chess class one can increase his/her IQ level.

2. Do sprint

In Neuroscience, it has been proved that exercise is significant for your brain. Aerobics increases our IQ level more than playing a brain game.

Cardiovascular activities increase our verbal intelligence. Cardiovascular activities increases your understanding and thinking capability more than muscular/fitness strength. So, act smarter and do sprints.

3. Replace Machines with Mind

Humans’ reliability of machines made them lethargy. Machines can do all the calculations in 1 sec. making us dependent on the machines because machines are more reliable than human calculations

The main reason for the increase of a low IQ level is that mankind never utilizes their minds. Due to this people lose their thinking capability and intelligence.

If you want to be sharp do all the calculations without using any machine. This will help you to be intelligent and increases your reliability on your own self.

restriction on calculation through machines to increase iq

For better results, you need to do calculations without using a pen or pencil this will make you active and also increase the IQ level. In this world nothing is impossible, man can replace machines.

Machines can never be sharper than a human being.

Nowadays, people waste their time watching movies, so it is necessary to replace movies with fiction stories. When you read fiction stories your all senses start working and also visual imagery.
It improves your language skills or vocabulary. Now you can able to solve relation- based questions very easily. It stimulates your mind and gives you a better connection in life events and will increase the iq level.

4.Learn to play a Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are the most efficient devices which teach you to learn many things in a different way. As you know one instrument produces lots of different sounds. Similarly, our mind has the ability to do many things in a different way.

You can choose any musical instrument of your own choice. Make a strategy and coordinate yourself with music. In accordance with parenting science, it has been proved that when a child of age 9 to 11 years started to play music then he is more brilliant than his colleagues.

some music instruments like guitar, keyboard and more

Notice a musician, notice, in how many ways they play music. This describes their IQ level. so let’s start to learn music it will make you sharper and intelligent.

People who started learning music at a very early age has developed a relational skill.

Let us increase your IQ level with music.

5. Eat breakfast

It has been proved that having breakfast increases your concentration. This improves our mental ability, mental performance, memory and problem-solving and will finally help to increase iq level.

At the time of breakfast, our body refuels itself with glucose after eight to twelve hours of fasting. Glucose provides instant energy to our body. The main source of energy which gives strength to ou brain is glucose.

morning breakfast said good for high iq level
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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