how to reduce belly fat

How to reduce belly fat quickly and safely?

Look at your stomach, is there any belly fat? If yes, then this article is very important for you because belly fat could cause diseases. Now, you must be thinking about “How to reduce belly fat?

Belly fat makes us feel uncomfortable. So here I have certain methods that remove the question in your mind. i.e How to reduce belly fat?

Belly fat spoils the way you look or how your clothes look on you. Belly fat never looks good or healthy. So to reduce belly fat you need to follow some steps.

Belly fat is very harmful to our body and this makes us unhealthy.

Due to this belly fat, you may suffer from certain harmful diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and other diseases that are too harmful to our body.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is the most common method to measure of appropriate weight and the prediction of diseases by many health organizations.

People who have more belly fat are prone to have diseases related to the heart. Most people ignore belly fat but remember this will make you more lethargic and you might have to suffer.

Table of Contents

  1. 8 Steps to Reduce Belly Fat
    1. Consuming Soluble Fiber
    2. Use Coconut Oil
    3. Consume high-protein
    4. Reducing stress level
    5. Aerobic Exercises
    6. Resistant Exercises
    7. Restrict trans-fat from diet
    8. Intermittent Fasting
  2. FAQ

The top 8 steps which are useful to reduce belly fat.

1. Consuming soluble fiber can help to reduce belly fat.

Soluble fibers act as a good absorbent so it absorbs water and slows down the passage of food in our stomach by making a gel.

Research proved that soluble fiber makes us feel full. This helps us to reduce belly fat. It also reduces the number of calories absorbed by our stomach.

Soluble fibers are most effective in reducing our belly fat.

In a study of 1200 adults, it has been shown that a 10% increase in the intake of soluble fiber decreased the belly fat by 3.8%.

Here are the sources of high soluble fiber, these are Brussels, avocados, sprouts, legumes, and flaxseed, etc.

soluble fiber food for reducing belly fat

Eating a lot of high soluble fiber help you to reduce belly fat.

2. Use Coconut Oil for cooking to reduce belly fat.

Did you know? Coconut oil is the healthiest fat.

Some studies proved that coconut has minimum chain fats which help us to increase our metabolism and decreases the level of high-calorie fats.

In research, a man with high belly fat was recommended to use coconut oil as cooking oil. And the result was outstanding, he decreased his waist-length  approx 3 cm only in 12 weeks without any exercise

 So it is recommended to you also use 30 ml of coconut oil each day to reduce your belly fat. This is the most appropriate amount to have better results.

coconut oil which helps to reduce belly fat

Coconut oil helps in reducing belly fat a lot. It also contains high calories.

3. Consume a High-Protein Diet

Protein plays an important role to control our weight.

 Protein has a lot of advantages:

  • It helps in the release of PYY i.e the fullness hormone. (which do not make us feel hungry)
  • It helps in retaining muscle mass at the time of weight loss.
  • Increases our metabolism.

It has been proven that people who consume a high protein diet have less belly fat as compared to those who take up a diet with less protein.

So, do not forget to add some high protein foods like fish, pulses, eggs, beans, eggs, milk, and meat, etc to reduce belly fat.

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4. Reduced Stress Levels helps to reduce belly fat

Stress is one of the major causes of increased belly fat. Through our adrenal glands, a hormone i.e cortisol (stress hormone)  is released which enhances the belly fat.

It has been proved that high CORTISOL levels increase appetite, due to this belly fat is stored in our stomach

In certain women, belly fat rises due to the release of a high amount of cortisol.

So to reduce belly fat stay happy and do not take too much stress. Bind yourself in certain activities that you like. And also do yoga and meditation to decrease your stress level.

5. Follow Aerobic Exercise (Cardio)

Aerobic exercise (cardio) helps to burn belly fat more effectively. It also helps to improve our health.

In a study, it has been proved that doing cardio exercises reduces our belly fat and also prevents us from heart diseases. High-intensity exercises help to lose a lot of fat.

But, it is necessary to follow a specific exercise duration (time) and the frequency.

In research, obese women reduced their belly fat (approx 75%) by doing aerobic exercises 60 minutes per day as compared to those who had done it only for 30 minutes per day.

So, aerobic exercises are the most effective way to reduce belly fat. By giving you a perfect waist size.

people doing cardio to reduce belly fat

6. Follow resistant training (weight lifting)

To gain muscle mass you need to do resistance training or weight lifting.

So lift the weight as much as possible to strengthen your muscles.

In a study people suffering from pre-diabetes, type 2  diabetes and disease related to the liver, were asked to do weight lifting, which resulted in a loss of belly fat and had many other advantages too.

Start lifting weight after concerning with a personal trainer to reduce your belly fat.

7. Do not consume food which contains trans-fat

Trans-fat is produced by making unsaturated fats into saturated fats by the method of hydrogenation, for example, soyabean oil.

Trans fat is mostly found in packed foods and in chips and snacks

Trans fat causes diseases like inflammation, diseases related to heart, insulin, and also gain in belly fat.

In a study of 6 years, it has been found that those people who eat high trans fat gained about 33% more belly fat as compared to those who consume low trans fat.

Before eating anything first you must check the amount of trans-fat because this will help you in reducing your belly fat. Be careful about your health.

8. Intermittent Fasting to reduce belly fat

If you are still stuck with the question “How to reduce belly fat?”

‘Intermittent fasting’ is the most popular way to reduce your tummy.

For this, you need to follow a cycle of fasting periodically.

There is also a method of intermittent fasting i.e fast for 16 hours and eat food in eight hours only per day.

This is an excellent method to reduce belly fat by intermittent fasting.

In a study, people reduced 4% to 7 % of belly fat in 6 to 8 weeks by doing intermittent fasting on alternate days.

This is the most effective way to reduce belly fat with a slight change in your eating pattern.

Belly fat :

Above mentioned methods to reduce belly fat are the most trusted ways.

So, just keep in mind, losing that belly fat everyone requires some effort and practice.

If you have any queries regarding this. Drop the comment in the comment box.

FAQ while reducing belly fat

How to reduce belly fat by exercise?

Exercising is one of the best ways of losing belly fat and some of the best exercises while trying to reduce belly fat include crunches, side and twist crunches, bicycle exercise, lunge twist, and verticle leg crunch.

10 foods to reduce belly fat

Here is the list of the top 10 foods when it comes to losing the belly:

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Chickpeas
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Peas
  5. Tuna
  6. Salmon
  7. Baked Potatoes ( I know it is difficult to believe)
  8. Seeds
  9. Oats
  10. Nuts

Belly Fat exercise for man at home

If you cannot join a gym, there is nothing to worry there are still exercises which you can do to lose tummy, the best of them are Abdominal Crunches, Bicycle Abdominal Exercise, Plank, Walk and Run, Leg lifts, Burpees, Hindu Push-Ups.

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