How to Stay Happy

How to Stay Happy when things are not right?

How many times have you spent your day staying stuck in the emotion of sadness or anger? How many times have you felt stressed or depressed? In hectic office life, we all come across such moments a lot of times, but is staying stuck worth it? I don’t think I need to answer that.  So before finding the answer to ‘How to Stay Happy’, you need some analysis.

Spend few minutes to see that while focusing on such short incidents, you did not realize that you eventually hurt your own self mentally as well as physically, not just this, you might even have started to affect your performance at work. 

But if we think clearly, just by adopting some simple changes in our lives, we can literally change the way we live, and witness more happiness and reduced stress. 

I have been lucky enough to have a Life Coach in my life, Ms. Chettna Paliwal, a coach, a mentor, a friend, a sister and basically I wouldn’t mind calling her a support system of my life.

Her beautiful thoughts and a positive mindset have set me in the right direction of happiness. Made me look into my life from a different lens.

Now, let’s move on to find out how to stay happy in your life when it is filled with work stress, relationship struggles, family problems, financial crunches, and maybe it is just fucked up like the other 7 billion people in this world.

How to Stay Happy when things are not right?

Firstly, one must understand that whatever another person says to you or comments on what you do doesn’t make any change in your life at all.

But in the practice of shaping yourself the way people expect you to be, you end up making yourself very uncomfortable and unhappy.

Always remember, in the process of impressing others, you might be disrespecting the most important person, yourself!!

There is a common phrase in Hindi “कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगों का काम है कहना”, needless to explain it states that it’s their job to comment, but do you really have to react?

An inspiration image for How to stay happy. Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam h kehna, choro bekaar ki baato mein, kahi beet na jaaye rehna

Now just to begin with, adapt two very significant tools in your life ‘long breathing and Meditation’. With successfully adopting these two exercises for 20 mins/day in your life you can transform your mind.

While meditating, you enter the state of awareness and consciousness, which means you spend time with yourself and get an opportunity to understand yourself and what really matters in life. 

Then you are free to choose and work on things which really are important. For you, it might be fitness, or maybe you want to focus on some art or sport. You are really free to choose.

Once you start focusing on what matters, you will witness some great positive changes in your life.

Here is a fact: There is no way I can answer you question of How to Stay Happy in one blog, because it is not a trick, it is a practice. I will try to share all of my knowledge on the topic.

Note: I am not a life coach. I am sharing this information after experiencing such situations and experimenting with the same tools.

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