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Top 10 Best Food to Gain Weight – Healthy and Fast

I understand that figuring out what food to eat to gain weight could be a difficult task as well, but trust me if you follow this blog, it can be a delicious ride.

But what if I tell you, which some few changes in your eating habits, you can boost up your weight gain aim?

Here is a list for you to put on some weight as well as muscles safely and effectively:

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1. Peanut Butter and Nuts

Nut are great snacks and the best part about them is that it can be added to many of your meals including salads, smoothies and many more.

Peanut butter without added sugar or hydrogenated-oil is the best when you are aiming to gain weight.

Almonds1/ cup41035.915.1
Cashews 1/2 cup39031.510.4
Peanuts1/2 cup 40334.918.3
Peanut Butter 1 tspn958.24.0
Almond Butter 1 tspn 898.32.1
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2. Milk

For very long time milk has been a weight gain and muscle builder at the same time.

It offers you a mix of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins with a great amount of calcium and other vitamins and minerals.

The protein content of milk makes it a good choice for people trying to build muscle, which is also proven in a study

You can add milk in your daily diet throughout the day.

Drinking milk is a great way to get good amount of protein and can be added to the meals easily.

3. Homemade Gainer Shakes

Protein shakes or smoothies can be a quicky, healthy and most importantly a tasty way to gain weight.

With these gainer smoothies, you get to try your own variation as per your taste.

You can add your favourite nuts, fruits, and even berries😍😍

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4. Red Meats

Steak contains a combination of leucine and creatine, nutrients that play a significant role in developing muscle mass.

Red meat is an amazing wellspring of protein that will enable you to pick up muscle.

It contains leucine, an amino corrosive that invigorates muscle protein combination. The fattier the meat, the more calories you will take in.

5. Protein Supplements

Just like meats, whey protein contains all the essential amino acids required to stimulate muscle growth.

Especially when you are training your protein requirements increase, so whey protein is a healthy and cost-effective way to gain weight.

It is very important to choose the right protein for yourself since there is a wide range of proteins available.

6. Whole Eggs

Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein, healthy fat, and other nutrients.

As long as you don’t have any allergy to eggs, there is no need to limit your egg consumption.

In fact, many athletes or bodybuilders will eat ten or more daily.

7. Yogurt (Dahi)

Full fat yogurt is another healthy snack which has great nutritional content in it, yogurt provides a well-balanced protein, fat, and carbohydrates as well.

But do not go for flavored or low-fat yogurt since they might have added sugar as well, instead, flavor your yogurt with nuts.

8. Whole-Grain Bread

This contains complex-carbohydrates which will surely help in the process of weight gain.

Also, you can combine your bread with protein sources like eggs, cheese, and milk.

9. Cereals

Healthy cereals can be an excellent source of carbs, calories, and nutrients.

Cereals based on grains generally contain a good amount of fibers which could be really beneficial.

Here are some good cereal choices for you:

  1. Bran
  2. Oats
  3. Multigrains
  4. Granola

10. Dark Chocolate

Like other high-fat nourishments, dark chocolate has an exceptionally fatty thickness, which means it’s extremely simple to get numerous calories from it.

Every 100-gram bar has around 600 calories and is stuffed with micronutrients and wellbeing advancing mixes, including fiber, magnesium and cancer prevention agents

chopped dark chocolate which is good for gaining weight

Dark chocolate is considered as one of the greatest support for weight gain as it is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients, with a good amount of calories.


The simple formula of gaining weight is gaining more calories that your body burns each day.

Lifting weight and training is also important to make sure that the extra calories that you intake turns into muscles and not just fat in your body.

Also if you are trying to gain some weight, I have some quick tips for you that will surely help you to gain weight fastly and in a healthy way.

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