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Top 6 Yoga poses for Back Pain

Yoga comes with a number of benefits one of which is back pain. Let’s see how can yoga make your life better.

Many people are not able to tolerate their back pain and if you are facing the same problem here is my list of Yoga poses for Back Pain which will surely fix this problem of yours.

There are many reasons for having back pain including wrong sitting posture or due to weak part and also sitting all day. These are the most common reason which is making you discomfort and back pain.

So, this is necessary that you know about the reason for having back pain so you can cure it by our top 6 Yoga poses for Back Pain and prevent you from this ache. You can prevent you from doing some physical activities like yoga to get relief from such back pain.  

Yoga makes you the flexible, active, stable, proper way of sitting and improves your breathing-all this is very essential to cure you of back pain.

Always keep in mind:

“Never stretch into a position of pain. Pain is the way of our body to tell us that something is not right.”

If somehow you get back injury or problems with your discs from the last 3-4 days without any improvement.

Some expert advice while doing yoga poses for back pain:

Carlson advises that before doing any physical activity you should meet a physical therapist. Also, If you have pain it could require medical attention. Prefer seeing a physical therapist before doing any exercises.

If you are feeling a lot of pain or achiness, yoga may not be able to cure it completely.

But some of the yoga instructors suggest that if you will do some stretching and there is no pain then you will be able to get relief from back pain.

“You can do it as long as it feels good.”

Here are some of our suggestion of yoga poses for back pain:

  1. Child’s Pose
  2. Cat/Cow
  3. Downward Facing Dog
  4. Standing Forward Bend
  5. Reclined Pigeon Pose
  6. Triangle Pose

Not sure how to do these poses? Do not worry we have got you covered.

Child’s Pose / Balasana — 1 to 3 minutes

First of all, kneel down with your knees and then hip-width should be apart and then put your feet together behind you. Inhale and then exhale and place your torso over your thighs.

Now try to stretch your neck and spine now draw your ribs away from the tailbone and now place your forehead away from shoulders.

Place your forehead with the ground and stretch your arms with your leg. This yoga is recommended by experts for patients with back pain.

Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Child’s Pose helps you to elongate and align the spine and take off the pressure of your lower back which helps you to do a nice stretch.  

Cat/Cow Pose — 1 to 3 minutes

First, place your shoulder over your wrist and hips over your knees.

Now slowly inhale and then exhale and then round your spine and place your head at the ground.

Inhale and take your head, chest, and spine upward as you arch back as a cow.

Now stay in the rest position for 2 to 3 minutes.

cat/cow pose yoga for back pain
Photo by evolvefitwear on Google

This yoga pose helps to remove your lower back pain. The cat/cow pose makes you more conscious about the neutral spine which is not too rounded or not too arched. This will help you to improve posture.

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Downward Facing Dog / Adho mukha svanasana

  • From Child’s Pose, place your hands on the ground and sit on your knees and take up your butt and then take the pose of a downward-facing dog.
  • Extend your fingers away from each other. straighten your leg and heels towards the floor.
  • Rest you’re between your arms, and then gaze towards your legs up to your belly button.
  • Rest for two to three minutes.
down face dog yoga for back pain

Down dog is a great way to get your hamstrings and calves out. If you are extra tight, you can bend your knees slightly to make the stretch easier.

Standing Forward Bend / Uttanasana

Here is one of the best yoga for back pain you will slightly fold your knees if it feels aching.

Firstly stand straight, the shoulder should be apart and tighten.  

Now let your torso to hang down and tighten your leg as much as possible.

Place your chin towards your chest.  Then rest your shoulders. And then place your head towards the ground. Here the spine should be straight.

Wait for one to three minutes.

Try to think and keep your Butts stick out during this step so that the bend comes from your hips, not from your back.”

standing forward bend yoga for back pain

Standing forward bend helps you to extend your back and straighten your spine. This yoga will help you to get relief from back pain.

Pigeon Pose / Kapotasana

  • Start in Downward-Facing Dog with your legs together.
  • Now place your left knee forward and turn it towards left .and place your left leg just perpendicular to the right. Both legs to the ground.
  • Here you can place your right leg stretched in front of you or a hamstring stretch or pigeon pose.
  • Now place your foot away from the ground and about your back.
  • Inhale and exhale and move towards another side.

Repeat it for 5 to 10 times as necessary

woman performing pigeon pose

Pigeon pose may become a little hard for a new one in stretching hip rotators and flexors. It may not seem to help in backpain. But this yoga will help you to cure back pain.  

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 Triangle Pose / Trikonasana

  • First, take your feet together and stand straight. Then take your left foot back 3-4 feet away and place your foot at a 45-degree angle.
  • Now turn chest towards the left foot by stretching your left-hand upside at 90 degrees with your back and towards the ceiling.
  • Hold your left leg with your right arm towards the ground by keeping your foot straight.
  • Don’t more stretch your right arm so that it touches the ground only bend you to make the right position.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 breaths, then do the same on another side.
  • Repeat it as much as needed.
triangle pose yoga

Triangle pose strengthens your back and helps you make long your muscles with the sides of your torso at the time of extending muscle fiber. This is considered to be one of the most effective yoga for back pain.

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